Gfp 60" Finishing Table FT48

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What makes the Gfp FT48 so great:

  • Cutting surface with self-healing mat for precise graphic alignment during trimming
  • Transfer table with side guides for straight feeding of boards
  • Turns any roll laminator into a sign-making, flatbed applicator for mounting or laminating
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Availability: Special Order
Gfp 60" Finishing Table FT48
Product Overview

Product Overview

Gfp 60" Finishing Table FT48 Laminating Outfeed Table

The Gfp FT48 Finishing Table transforms any roll laminator into a versatile sign-making powerhouse flatbed applicator for mounting or laminating . This innovative accessory revolutionizes your workflow by seamlessly integrating a 60” W x 48” D roller ball transfer table with a cutting surface, all in one compact design.

Experience the benefits of dual functionality without breaking the bank. The FT48 offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive flatbed applicators while enhancing productivity with its faster, one-step roll application process.

Crafted for efficiency, this table boasts lightweight strength and durability, ensuring years of reliable service. Its simple setup and operation make it accessible to users of all skill levels, while the comfortable 38" table height promotes ergonomic working conditions.

Featuring a two-sided work surface, the FT48 maximizes space utilization without compromising on functionality. Use one side as an in-feed to your roll laminator for laminating, pre-coating, or mounting boards up to 5’ x 10’, while utilizing the other side as a dedicated worktable for trimming prints.


  • Mounting to substrate
  • Pre-coating boards
  • Photo mounting
  • Laminating to rigid surfaces
  • Laminating to vinyl prints
  • Pre-masking vinyl letters
  • Trimming images
  • Weeding vinyl letters
  • Aligning graphic images

Precision is paramount with the FT48. The transfer table side is equipped with four rows of transfer balls for effortless positioning of images and precise alignment. Additionally, it includes a full-length 48" side guide and printed alignment guides to ensure straight feeding of standard board widths. On the cutting table side, a self-healing surface made of thick, durable 180-gauge, 3/16” translucent Polyethylene (LDPE) allows for easy alignment of graphics that need to be trimmed. This seamless, translucent white surface eliminates glare and can be cut with rotary cutters and utility knives repeatedly without leaving marks, ensuring more accurate cuts and less blade wear.

From mounting to substrate and laminating to rigid surfaces, to trimming images and aligning graphic elements, the FT48 is your all-in-one solution for a wide range of applications.

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Technical Specifications
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