Refurbished Graphtec CE7000-40 15 Vinyl Cutter Plotter

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Condition: Refurbished
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Product Features

  • 25% faster ARMS Print and Cut
  • New barcode and thumb drive capabilities
  • Blazing cutting speed, precision, and accurate tracking
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NOW $999.00
Condition: Refurbished
Availability: Ships from warehouse
NOW $999.00

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Refurbished Graphtec CE7000-40 15 Vinyl Cutter Plotter
Product Overview

Product Overview

Refurbished Graphtec CE7000-40 Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Bonus Software

The Graphtec CE7000 is one of the most cost effective cutting plotters on the market for the garment decoration, sign graphics, PRINT and CUT graphics, and automotive markets, among others.

The CE7000 Series is equipped with great features such as a registration mark sensor for print & cut jobs, perforation cutting ability and a guaranteed cut accuracy of over 15ft at an extremely competitive and cost effective price point.

Possible Applications:

  • Stickers/decals
  • Window signage
  • Heat transfer apparel
  • Window tint film
  • Paint protection film
Graphtec CE7000

Updated Features from the CE6000:


Save time and reduce the chance of production errors by using barcodes to automatically process multiple jobs at the touch of a button.


Separate tool positions for contour and die cutting ensures the longevity of your blades and cutting strip when creating decals and graphics that are effortlessly popped out of sheet and roll media. Easily allow perforated cut or through cut operations.


A new secondary USB port has been added for placing thumb drives so jobs can be uploaded and cut without the need of a computer. Select barcode function or select file directly from the thumb drive.

What's included in the Graphtec CE7000?

Software (all models):

  • Graphic Studio 2 - 1 License: Extremely Powerful Design Software (For Windows)
  • Graphtec Studio (For MAC)
  • Cutting Master 5 (For Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW Integration)
  • Windows Driver


  • Heavy Duty Stand with Media Rollers (CE7000-60 and CE7000-130 models)
  • Blade Holder
  • Loupe (For setting blade depth)
  • Fiber-tip pen holder
  • Water-based Fiber-tip pen
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • DVD-ROM - User manual, Windows driver, Graphic Studio 2 (Windows, 1 license),
  • Graphtec Studio (Mac), Cutting Master4.
  • Printed Documents - Setup Manual, Cutter Blade Manual, and Safety Manual


  • Basket (CE7000-60 and CE7000-130 models)
  • Carrier Sheet Table tray for loading cardstock and thin rigid substrates (CE7000-40 and CE7000-60 models)

Graphtec CE7000: Included Software

The Graphtec CE7000 uses exactly the same enhanced commercial grade design software as the top of the range Flat Bed plotters and includes the Cutting Master 5 plugin to allow you to drive the plotter from softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Graphic Studio 2 (PC Only)
Easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. Includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. EPS / Ai / CMX / PDF file compatibility allows users to import pre-existing designs.

Graphtec Studio For MAC
This is an easy-to-use application software for Mac OS to create original designs. Images can be easily created by using the program icons that are arranged around the drawing area.

Cutting Master 5
Cutting Master 5 is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Send cutting data to the plotter, view cut preview, add registration marks, edit tool conditions / job settings and more. This easy to use plug-in enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.

Graphtec CE7000: ARMS 8.0 Print & Cut

A new and improved Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System, or ARMS, for print and cut applications. The DataLink Barcode system is the new addition to ARMS. Barcodes may now be generated and printed as part of the design which creates a hand’s free operation. The reading of Registration marks is faster increasing productivity.

New Data Link Function (Barcode Data Management For Continuous Cutting)
Save time and reduce the chance of production errors by using barcodes to automatically process multiple jobs at the touch of a button. DataLink supports any combination of RIP software & printer in addition to included Cutting Master 5 and Graphic Studio 2 software. The CE7000 detects barcode-linked cutting data from the operator's PC or USB flash memory, opens the correct file, sets the cutting conditions, and starts cutting automatically.

Segment Area Compensation (XY)
This function has been implemented in addition to the current X-axis Direction Segment Area Compensation. Middle mark is now available not only for X but also Y-axis alignment.

Expanded Cutting Area
It expands the cutting area to include objects outside of the area enclosed by registration marks. Production efficiency is enhanced by reducing media waste.


  • Quiet precision servo motor
  • New Increased Max Cutting Speed: CE7000-40 | 24" per second at all direction; CE7000-60 | 35" per second 45deg; CE7000-130 | 39" per second at 45deg
  • Cutting Force: 450 gf
  • 5mm precision for small lettering
  • New 25% faster ARMS 8.0 Optical Eye For Continuous Cut Capabilities (Barcode Reader) with XY compensation feature
  • Reliable Long-Length Tracking (Over 15ft!)
  • Graphic LCD Display With Back Light
  • A network connection is now possible through a network interface enabling the use of TCP/IP protocols to transfer cut data.
  • New built-in convenient tool storage.

Please Note: 50" Graphtec CE7000-130 models ship via freight.
Please call 1-425-481-3555 M-F 6:15am - 4:45pm PST for a quote.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
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Spec - OS Compatibility:
Windows, MAC
Spec - Contour Cutting:
Yes - Automatic
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