GreenStar Premium Replacement Solvent Inks for Epson Stylus Pro GS6000

Condition: New
Availability: Special Order

Product Features

  • True OEM Quality & Performance
  • Plug & Print
  • 100% compatibility with original printer components
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Condition: New
Availability: Special Order
GreenStar Premium Replacement Solvent Inks for Epson Stylus Pro GS6000
Product Overview

Product Overview

GreenStar Premium Replacement Solvent Inks for Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 - 950ml

Specifically manufactured to match the performance & color properties of Epson's Stylus Pro GS6000 UltraChrome Inks. This is a GreenStar ultra premium solvent based ink with a stunning color gamut, performance and accurate color reproduction. Our colors are a dead on match of the original & since it's so incredibly close to the original there's no need to change the color profile or flush the lines. It has virtually no scent, there is no need for ventilation & is Plug & Play just like the original.

Why GreenStar inks are different from other OEM inks Here are a few points:

  • Not all OEM ink alternatives are the same, the only true OEM quality alternative is GreenStar ink. You're guaranteed high quality inks from GreenStar.
  • There is no other company out there that offers the number of ink solutions than our supplier/manufacturer. A USA based Company that carries premium ink solutions to almost all the popular wide-format brands in the industry, including Roland, Canon, Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki, HP, OCE, Seiko, and more.
  • Our supplier does all their own chip programming and development in house. Quality control ensures batches are uniform and consistent.
  • Many ink companies claim to have inks that are plug & play, have the same color profiles and don't clog up print heads, we have yet to see an ink stand up to those claims like ours do. This is true for today as well as years down the road. Our ink has never clogged a print head.

When changing from NON-OEM to GreenStar ink each color should be flushed before putting in GreenStar Ink cartridges. GreenStar certifies that these inks will not cause damage to the printheads.

Superior Benefits - GreenStar's Solvent Ink for Epson GS6000

  • True OEM Quality & Performance
  • Mix & Match - Specially manufactured to match the exact properties of GS6000 ink
  • Flushing Not Required - There's no need to Flush the ink lines. It's easy to make a change!
  • Identical Color Profile to OEM - There is no need to spend time creating new profiles
  • Plug & Print
  • 100% compatibility with original printer components of Stylus PRO GS6000
  • Will not cause clogging and misprintiing
  • Practically Odorless - No need to use mechanical ventilation directly over the Printer
  • Environmental friendly
  • Excellent adhesion and compatibility with wide range of coated and uncoated substrates
  • Outdoor durability and scratch resistance without lamination - All GreenStar inks, under normal conditions, are equal to or greater than OEM inks in longevity.
  • Wide color gamut & clean intense colors
  • Smooth tonal gradations
  • Water Proof

Go Green Recycling Program!

GO GREEN and save money! Get credit for your empty cartridges for 950mL Epson Stylus Pro GS6000

How it works:

  • Step 1) Simply save 12 or more empty OEM or GreenStar Ink original cartridges, prepare to send them back to us for recycling and you'll receive $1 credited to your USCutter account for your future purchase(s) of any product for each cartridge sent! (We pay return shipping!)
  • Step 2) Contact us at 425-481-3555 and let us know how much the box of cartridges weighs and we'll email you a FedEx return label to place on the box. Make sure you have weight and dimensions of your box accurately and ready. Print and fill out the simple form, USCUTTER GREENSTAR RECYCLING PROGRAM. Make sure to place the completed form in the box together with cartridges.
  • Step 3) As soon as we receive and process your cartridges, based on the Rules & Regulations stated below, we'll crefit your existing account. If you don't have an account with us, we will create one for you when you call.

Rules & Regulations:

  • We accept only 12 or more cartridges at a time
  • We can only give credit for original OEM or original GreenStar Ink cartridges
  • We do not accept cartridges that are physically damaged or tampered with
  • We do not give credit for OEM cartridges that have been refilled with 3rd party inks
  • Depending on demand, cartridge types and dollar amount may be subject to change
  • Currently we accept only the GS6000 950mL cartridges at $1 each credit.
Technical Specs
Technical Specifications