Galaxy Auto Clamshell Heatpress GS-105HS 16" x 20" 110V

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Product Features

  • Slide-out Lower Platen
  • Pressure Scale Display
  • RAMLOCK Quick Change System
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Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse.
Galaxy Auto Clamshell Heatpress GS-105HS 16" x 20" 110V
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Product Overview

Product Overview

Lopo Galaxy Auto Clamshell Heatpress GS-105HS 16" x 20" 110V

The Lopo Galaxy GS-105HS Auto Clamshell Heat Press provides an even heating table and pressure. Quality craftsmanship.

1. Auto-release: With a quality electro-magnet, the upper platen releases slowly, smoothly and automatically at the end of the time cycle. It is also possible to turn the electro-magnet around to switch the press into manual operation mode for applications that require manual control of the press i.e. certain sublimation and laser transfers.

2. Slide-out Lower Platen: The slide-out lower platen allows for fast and easy threading of garments while keeping your hands well clear of the hot upper platen. This is a real advantage in production environments.

3. Threadable Lower Platen: The specially designed base allows users to easily thread garments over the lower platen. Threading separates the front and back layers of the garment. This also allows users to rotate the garment saving time when pressing both sides of the material. The RAMLOCK Quick Change System Lever located under the platen can also be removed to avoid any possible impediment to threading your garment.

4. RAMLOCK Quick Change System: With the patented RAMLOCK quick change system, users can quickly and easily exchange the lower platens with different sizes. A lever under the platen allows for easy access and use.

Platen Sizes:

  • 4in x 4in
  • 6in x 10in
  • 6in x 20in 
  • 8in x 10in
  • 11in x 15in 
  • 15in x 15in 
  • Full Set - Includes 1 of all of the lower platens

5. Pressure Sensor: The display shows pressure that is adjustable on a scale from 0 - 9. This allows for precise, consistent and repeatable pressure settings. No longer will users have to guess on the applied pressure of their press.

6. Quick-change Control Head: The Control Head can be taken off and put on easily for service and maintenance purposes. All wiring leading to the control box is designed for quick attach and release, and specifically crafted for fast setup. Even novice users notice how easy and simple the setup can be.



Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Power Requirements:
110V 20AMP Dedicated Circuit
Spec - Certifications:
Spec - Max Temperature:
Spec - Style:
Spec - Download:
Spec - Size:
16in x 20in