Sign Shop Tool Kit

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Product Features

  • Contains essential tools for working with any type of vinyl
  • Perfect for those just starting out
  • 6-piece starter bundle of some of the most popular products
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Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
Product Overview

Product Overview

Ultimate Sign Shop Tool Kit

This kit contains essential tools for working with adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, crafts and other sign shop projects.

  • Kit Includes:

    • 43" Big Foot Safety Ruler
    • Greenie Double Sided Cutting Mat (17 5/8" x 23 5/8")
    • USCutter Rapid Weeding Kit
    • x2 Magnum Magnetics 30mil white magnetic sign blanks, 12" by 24"
    • GAP ScrapeRite scraper vinyl removal tool (holder with 5 blades)
    • x5 24" x 5 ft rolls of GreenStar Intermediate Performance Vinyl (black, white, real red, canary yellow, green) (colors may vary based on inventory)

Safety Ruler by "BigFoot"

This safety ruler has it all! A full 4-1/4" wide footprint, 2" height, stainless steel cutting edge, two imbedded silicone anti slip beads, lightweight 1/8" but thick heavy aluminum construction. Available in 31" (80cm), 43" (110cm), 55" (140cm), and 67" (170cm) lengths.

Greenie Double Sided Cutting Mat (17 5/8" x 23 5/8")

You'll be quite happy with the quality of these self healing cutting mats. Double sided, reversible, 3mm cutting mats. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your work space. The guide lines on the mat make for easy and accurate cutting. Protects desks, table top and other work areas from knifes, blades, and other craft & art tools.

USCutter Rapid Weeding Kit

This high-quality weeding tool kit contains a range of useful tools for weeding and vinyl installation. The kit comes in a convenient and durable zippered case for easy transport. This kit includes: USCutter Hobby Knife w/ 6 Included Blades, USCutter Dental Pick Weeding Tool, USCutter Pointed Needle Nose Tweezer for Easy Weeding, USCutter Double-Sided Squeegee w/ Felt Edge, USCutter Magnifying Glass with Light for Easy Weeding, Tape Measurer, Snap Cut Knife, Deluxe Carry Case

Five Rolls Greenstar Vinyl (Rolled on one core), Each Roll 24" x 5 ft

GreenStar IPV vinyl is part of an exciting new line of products now available from USCutter! GreenStar Intermediate Performance Vinyl (IPV) is a 5-year, calendered vinyl, custom formulated for basic sign use. All colors come in a high gloss finish, with black and white also available in a matte finish. Green Star IPV vinyl is great for general purpose interior/exterior graphics of all types including signs, banners, and window graphics. An excellent vinyl to cut, weed and transfer, Green Star IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of up to 5 years (3 years for metallic vinyl) and is made in USA.

Colors likely to be included: Black, White, Real Red, Green, Canary Yellow.
NOTE: In very rare circumstances some of the colors stated here may be substituted with different colors without further notice in order to ship your full order on time.

GAP ScrapeRite™ Double-Edge Plastic Razor Blades (Holder w/5 blades)

The ScrapeRite™ Double-Edge Plastic Razor Blades SR-Series is a double-edged plastic blade that is stronger in design and has more usable life per edge than a standard plastic blade and fits any standard razor holder. It is designed to aid in the removal of pressure sensitive materials on surfaces that are easily scratched, (metal, paint, plastics, glass, etc.)

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications