Refurbished Lopo Galaxy 15" x 15" Auto Open Clamshell Heat Press Machine

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Product Features

  • Built and engineered for a production or shop environment – built to last
  • Precision temperature control and pressure distribution gives you consistent quality results with every press
  • Slide out threadable lower platen allows for quick and safe garment placement and removal – no burnt hands!
  • Switch from auto-open to manual function with flip of a switch – works how you want to work
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NOW $899.99
Availability: Ships from warehouse
NOW $899.99

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Refurbished Lopo Galaxy 15" x 15" Auto Open Clamshell Heat Press Machine
Product Overview

Product Overview

Refurbished Lopo Galaxy 15" x 15" Auto Open Clamshell Heat Press Machine GS-105HS 110V

Professional grade built and engineered for a production environment

Lopo heat presses are thoughtfully constructed to make your workflow smooth and effective with consistent results every time. Compared to other competitors offering this level of quality, Lopo provides huge value and excellent performance.


  • Precision heating element and digital temperature control ensure consistent temperature with every press.
  • Pressure scale display – scale from 0-9 to easily manage pressure settings for different products.
  • Auto open or manual open – Patented functionality allows you to switch easily between auto-open or manual open functionality.
  • Threadable (dressable) slide out lower platen – slide out the lower platen to quickly and safely thread your garment without coming near the heating element. You won’t have to reach over or near a still hot platen and risk burning your hands.
  • Versatility – with a patented quick change system, you can easily swap out the lower platens for smaller jobs like logos near a collar, narrow jobs like pantlegs, or larger squares for totes or hoodies.

Platen Sizes:

  • The Logo 4in x 4in - Small items, back or neck shirt placement, youth apparel, pressing around buttons or zippers
  • The Polo Shirt 6in x 10in - Ideal for left chest logos without damaging buttons
  • Totes and Tee's 8in x 10in - Large rectangular size, great for totes or shopping bags
  • The All-Around 11in x 15in - Great versatile size, ideal for women's and youth sized garments
  • The Big Square 15in x 15in - Most popular size, works for pillow covers, apparel, totes and more
  • Full Set - Includes 1 of all of the lower platens
Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Download:
Spec - Power Requirements:
110V 20AMP Dedicated Circuit
Spec - Certifications:
Spec - Size:
15in x 15in
Spec - Max Temperature: