Keencut SteelTrak Material Cutter

$5,061.99 - $6,894.99
Availability: Special Order

Product Features

  • Cut steel and aluminium composite safely and accurately
  • Cut and finish large sheet materials in one pass
  • Five year guarantee
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$5,061.99 - $6,894.99
Availability: Special Order
$5,061.99 - $6,894.99
Keencut SteelTrak Material Cutter
Product Overview

Product Overview

Keencut SteelTrak Material Cutter

The SteelTrak gives you the flexibility to cut anything from PVC foamboard to steel composite panels.

It’s more accurate, consistent, and reliable than any other machine on the market. In a single movement, you can slice easily through the toughest materials to leave a smooth edge with no need for extra finishing. Its unique features will speed up your production, whilst guaranteeing a perfect cut every time. The SteelTrak is the essential tool for a high-volume production unit.

To ensure precision accuracy, the SteelTrak’s unique pressure-sensitive clamp can be first applied lightly to allow for fine adjustments, before the pressure is increased for a firm hold. The clamp is designed to protect delicate boards and printed surfaces. The sightline strip helps you achieve exact alignment and all the blades cut along the same line.

What Materials Can The Keencut Cut?

Rigid materials

  • Aluminium composite panel e.g Dibond ≤ 4mm (1/8″)
  • Steel composite panel e.g Multishield ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
  • V-grooves Dibond ≤ 3mm (3/32″) with optional SteelTrak v-groover
  • MDF ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
  • Cast acrylic / Plexiglas (scoring only) ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
  • Glass ≤ 6mm (1/4″) with optional glass cutting kit (Product code: STGLC)

Semi-rigid materials

  • PVC foamboard ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
  • Corrugated/fluted plastic ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
  • Corrugated cardboard ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
  • Foam centred board ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
  • Mountboard ≤ 6mm (1/4″)
  • Aluminium sheet ≤ 1mm (1/25″) with optional cutting head ( Product code: STALC)
Technical Specs
Technical Specifications