Vulcan FC500VC Flatbed Cutting Plotter with Stand and Vacuum Pump

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Product Features

  • Perfect for light to medium production and design samples.
  • Ideally suited for packaging boxes, tags, cards and labels.
  • Advanced CCD camera and contour cutting and QR Code system.
  • User-friendly touch screen.
  • Comes with Free 12-month subscription of VinylMaster DSR software, stand and vacuum pump.
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Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
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Vulcan FC500VC Flatbed Cutting Plotter with Stand and Vacuum Pump
Product Overview

Product Overview

Vulcan FC-500VC Flatbed Cutting Plotter


The Vulcan FC-500VC flatbed cutting plotter represents the very latest in advanced flatbed technology. Designed with an eye for precision and accuracy, the FC-500VC allows clean and accurate cuts in a wide array of materials. While designed primarily as very fast cutter for projects such a box prototyping, custom packaging etc., the repeatability of precisely following the same line multiple times allows the FC-500VC to punch well above its weight class when dealing with tough substrates.


Perforation cut, Kiss cut, Die cut, Creasing - everything you need to create production quality products. Included Tools are Cutter Blade / Pen / Creasing/Etching tool. Dual head operation allows wide choice of options.


The advanced CCD camera allows the flatbed to read registration marks as small as 5mm, even on hard to read colored, transparent, glossy or reflective materials.Reading 4 registration marks can happen as fast as 3 seconds, which means production times are maximized. The camera also allows fast reading of QRcodes (even up-side-down) so that only the correct job is processed, even if placed in the flatbed incorrectly.


The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and allow first time users to easily operate the flatbed. All common and needed functions can be executed in a few easy to follow touches. The large and bright screen guarantees that cutter status is easily visible at a glance.


One problem plaguing older technologies is that they create the fold lines on the printed side of the box, which can lead to unsightly cracks in the image.The FC-500VC is able to create fold lines on the non-printed side and still be able to accurately cut the printed contours on the other side. Similarly, this allows for reverse embossing for a raised lettering effect on wedding invitations and other cards. It is even possible to control the direction of the crease lines to minimize distortion of the grain of the paper or card stock.


  • Power Cable, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable
  • Blade Holder
  • 1x 30 Degree Blade, 1x 60 Degree Blade
  • Creasing Tool with Creasing Head
  • Pen Calibration Tool
  • 5x Pens
  • Creasing Mat
  • Stand components, hardware and assembly tools

PREMIUM SOFTWARE FREE VinylMaster DSR Full License for a limited time.

FC-500VC ships with VinylMaster DSR which provides advanced design and contour control capabilities. With VinylMaster you can make your own designs from scratch or import a wide variety of formats including Illustrator files. Artwork received from outside sources often has non-contiguous lines and cannot estimate the thickness of the substrate. VinylMaster compensates for these limitations with presets that can create double or triple fold lines and varying distances and pressures to give a perfect result.


Connect via USB or for longer distances, you can use Ethernet. You can even connect via U-disk (thumbdrive) for stand-alone operation with no PC attached.


In the unlikely event that you have a problem, our USA based support teams are fully trained and our service warehouse is well stocked. The FC-500VC has been designed in a component fashion so that the end user can replace parts in the field, but our support teams are available to help guide you if needed.

What can be made with the FC-500VC?

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Motor Type:
Digital Servo
Spec - Contour Cutting:
Yes - ARMS Camera
Spec - Power Requirements:
Spec - Max Pressure:
Spec - Max Speed:
Spec - Length:
Spec - Width:
Spec - OS Compatibility:
Spec - Download:
Spec - Users Manual:
Spec - Maximum Cutting Thickness:
3mm (soft materials)
Spec - Dimensions:
38.46" x 38.6"
Spec - Cutting Area:
19.4" x 26.9".