Refurb Vulcan SC350 13 x 19 Sheet Cutter

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Product Features

  • High speed and precision cutting for stickers, decals, labels and more
  • Automated, hands-free operation - Load up to 300 sheets of media, start the cutter and walk away
  • Ruggedly built and engineered to handle extensive daily use
  • Easy to use intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Optional 1-year subscription of VinylMaster DSR software for $1
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NOW $5,399.00
Availability: Ships from warehouse when in stock
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NOW $5,399.00

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Refurb Vulcan SC350 13 x 19 Sheet Cutter
Product Overview

Product Overview

Refurbished Vulcan SC-350 Sheet Cutter

The Vulcan SC-350 professionally designed UI allows for an intuitive and efficient user experience. Icons are well lit and easy to understand. Navigation control is simple to use - easy toggle of navigation speed Oversized U-disk button to get you producing as fast as possible.

  • Smart solution for the labeling industry.
  • Automatic feeding system.
  • Unattended operation.
  • ​Stickers can be printed edge to edge on the media, even outside the registration marks. This allows maximum paper area to be utilized, saving you money.

Being one of the key moving parts, the carriage has to last. The SC-350 carriage uses only the highest quality materials,and is designed to handle extensive daily use. Vulcan engineers have solved the heat build-up problems that often plague other carriage designs.
The camera in the carriage was carefully chosen to be fast and reliable. The camera can scan four registration marks within 3 seconds. Combined with the ability to feed in a sheet in under 3 seconds and read the QR code, you can cut more sheets per hour.

The unique paper feeding mechanism has been designed to adapt to a wide range of materials. Special guides minimize possible shift to ensure that media feeds in straight and true. Load up to 300 sheets of A4 paper, start the cutter and walk away. (the total number of possible sheets depends on media thickness). Multiple sheet sizes are supported (Letter/Legal/Tabloid/A4/A3/A3+). Paper feeding time as fast as 3 seconds per sheet.

Led lights provide stable lighting so that the camera can reliably read the QR codes and registration marks regardless of the external lighting conditions. This leads to improved reliability during unattended operation conditions.

U-Disk function

PLT-files saved on USB thumb drives (U-disk) can be used for stand-alone operation. This means that the SC-350 can be used without being connected to a computer.

Camera System

The SC-350 uses a high resolution camera for accurate detection of registration marks (as small as 5 mm). The camera can even see reg marks on both colored and transparent materials. The ability to scan small reg marks saves material, thus reducing production costs. The ability to scan four reg marks within less than 3 seconds saves production time and reduces costs even further.

Kiss Cut and Perf Cut

Kiss cut and Perf cut in the same job is possible on the SC-350, however it requires that the design of the perf cut lines do not alter the structure of the sheet to the point where the sheet starts to bend or fall apart while moving back and forth in the rollers. This means that perf cutting is media and design dependent. If you are unsure, you can work with a sales rep to get your media and cutline designs pre-tested to demonstrate the SC-350 is working to your satisfaction.

QRcode system

SC-350 reads QR-codes on the printed media, allowing automatic matching of print and cut files. This both speeds production and eliminates any chance of mismatched files.

User friendly touch screen

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. One touch toggle of carriage control: Fast (x10) / Slow (x1). Single Re-cut button to instantly repeat last job.

Network interface

  • Stable communications over long distances.
  • Control one sheet cutting plotter from multiple computers.
  • Control different sheet cutting plotters from one computer.


  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Blade Holder
  • 1x 30 Degree Blade, 1x 60 Degree Blade
  • Pen Calibration Tool
  • 5x Pens
  • USB Disk

Easy access maintenance

The side panels of SC-350 are easily removed for clear access to all relevant parts. Sensors inside the cutter assist in quickly identifying the problem.

Supported OS:

Windows 7/8/10/11

What can be made with the SC-350?

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - OS Compatibility:
Windows OS: 7, 8, 10, 12
Spec - Contour Cutting:
Yes - ARMS
Spec - Download:
Spec - Max Cut Width:
Spec - Max Feed Width:
Spec - Max Cut Length:
Spec - Power Requirements:
100V AC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching) 60W
Spec - Width:
Spec - Max Pressure:
Spec - Max Speed:
Spec - Length:
Spec - Users Manual: