How To Pick The Right Blade For Your Vinyl Cutter - Cut Signs, T-shirt Graphics And More

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How To Choose the Right Blade For Vinyl Cutting

USCutter has all the blades you need to cut any job your vinyl cutter is up for!

Each vinyl cutter uses a specific type of blade. Graphtec blades are made for Graphtec machines, Suma blades are used for Suma machines, and Roland blades or made for use in Roland machines.

Well, what about USCutters machines like the MH, SC2, Laser Point 3, Prism cut, and Titan family of cutters?

They use the same style as the high-end Roland machines. So these blades are called Roland compatible.

These blades come in multiple angles with different blade depths.

25° and 30° blades are great when cutting fine details or intricate work. It has the lowest amount of the blade exposed so you only want to use this when cutting thinner materials like standard HTV and indoor and outdoor vinyl.

45° blades are the most commonly used blade. You can cut almost any material with a 45° and is great for use with any size design and most materials.

And then you have your 60° blades. These blades penetrate the deepest and have are larger blade area that will come into contact with whatever material you are cutting. These are best used when cutting thicker materials like Glitter HTV, Sandblast mask, and other thick materials.

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