WEBERmade Single Shaft Tape Applicator Tool

$250.99 - $283.99
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued

Product Features

  • Apply application tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly
  • Innovative 'clutch' mechanism regulates tension as the tape unwinds
  • Mounts easily to the end of work surfaces
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$250.99 - $283.99
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
$250.99 - $283.99
WEBERmade Single Shaft Tape Applicator Tool
Product Overview

Product Overview

WEBERmade Single Shaft Tape Tool

Now you can apply application tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly... All day long... All by yourself... Guaranteed!....

If it's a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right with the WEBERmade tape tool. This acclaimed sign-shop solution mounts easily to the end of your work surface and assists with smooth bubble- and error-free application of varying width transfer tape onto your vinyl graphic.

A innovative 'clutch' mechanism (see graphic below) regulates tension as you unwind the tape from the roll and maintains slack so you can ensure proper alignment prior to sqeegeeing down with pressure. GET IT RIGHT EVERY TIME NO PROBLEM!

Air bubbles are a sign shop's worst enemy and tape application errors result in unnecessary wasted time, effort, and material. This labor savor is an investment in your sign shop that pays for itself with flawless results you can present to customers.

How it Works:

The WEBERmade tape tool provides for the loading of one roll of application tape or any multiple rolls of tape up to the width you choose. Once you get your tape tool clamped or bolted to your table or work bench, you simply pull your application tape out over and just past the end of your vinyl. You can adjust the tension of your tape coming off the roll with a quick turn of the tensioning knob / 'clutch'.

Webermade application tape toolApplication Tape LockClutch TensionerTable mountHeavy Duty SteelHeavy Duty Steel

Adjustable tension keeps tape slack until you secure the tape by applying pressure with the squeegee.

Once you get your tape out and over your vinyl, you simply fasten the application tape to your table and squeegee it down back towards the roll of application tape. The tension that you set with the clutch keeps your application tape up and off your vinyl until you squeegee it down.

Nothing could be easier!

Both the Single Shaft and the Double Shaft Tape Tools may be EITHER Clamped or Bolted into place. Two 4 inch (10cm) C-clamps are included with each tape tool.

Which Size Should I Choose?

Both The Single Shaft and the Double Shaft Tape Tools are available in 4 sizes.

  • 16 inch (40cm)
  • 24 inch (61cm)
  • 36 inch (91cm)
  • 48 inch (122cm)

In figuring out which of the 4 sizes to chose from, the size of your plotter is not a factor. Reason being, you can put more than one roll of tape on the shaft at the same time.You should take into consideration the width of your table or work bench where you are planning to use it.For example, the 24 inch tape tool will hold up to 24 inches of tape. You can put on one roll of 24 inch tape or you can put on any configuration of rolls of tape up to 24 inches wide. You can also put on one roll of tape any size up to 24 inches wide. You can, but you don't have to fill up the shaft with tape.The end support mounting brackets when they are fastened to your table are 3 inches wider than the tape tool. ie. The 24 inch tape tool mounting brackets when properly mounted measure 27 inches to the outside edges .Many people elect to invest in a tape tool that is wider than where they are planning on using it. This allows you the opportunity to custom fit it to your work bench or table.

"Weber's tape application tool saves my workers time. Application tape goes on straight without wrinkles or air bubbles. FAST!!" - David Shaw - Kirksville, MO


Start off with 2 Rolls of TransferRite Application Tape (12" x 10 Yards)

Included with this purchase for a limited time are 2 - 12" x 10 yard rolls (1/ea) of TransferRite 1310G, a medium-tack clear tape with a pre-printed alignment grid excellent for beginners & 592U, a high-tack paper tape ideal for picking up small details in your vinyl graphics.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications