The Cut Media Educational Kit w/ 28" TITAN & VinylMaster Cut Software

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Product Features

  • The perfect, cost-effective solution to offer your students a taste of what owning a sign shop is like
  • Everything a School Needs to Start a Sign Shop
  • Design and create from t-shirts to banners to wall graphics
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$1,055.65 - $1,595.65
Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
$1,055.65 - $1,595.65
The Cut Media Educational Kit w/ 28" TITAN & VinylMaster Cut Software
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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Cut Media Educational Kit

Banner made by Student Run Print Shop called Wando Academy.

If you are looking for the perfect, cost-effective solution to offer your students a taste of what owning a sign shop is like, this kit is a must-have. The components of this kit will allow you to cut vinyl and the possibilities are endless! From t-shirts to banners to wall graphics, this cost-effective, cut media educational kit has all the components you will need.

What's included in the Cut Media kit?

28" TITAN Vinyl Cutter with Stand & Media Basket

  • Laser registration for contour cutting function
  • Carriage with 4 wheels
  • USB interface
  • Aluminum alloy construction, precision ABS sides
  • All metal moving parts
  • Mac & PC compatible USB connection
  • Large LCD display & control panel for adjusting speed and cutting force
  • Stepper motor for reliable performance
  • Cuts adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, paint mask stencil, laminate, sandblast mask & low intensive reflective material
Included with the 28" TITAN cutter are:
  • NEW Vinyl Cutter
  • Floor Stand & Material Basket
  • Design and Cut Professional Software: (VinylMaster Cut for PC or SCALPro for MAC)
  • Blade Holder
  • 3 TITAN Blades, (1x60° , 1x45° & 1x30° blade)
  • Pen Holder (use to plot instead of cut)
  • Stand Assembly Tools
  • USB Cable
  • 9-pin Serial Cable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • FREE Lifetime Phone Support

VinylMaster Cut Titan Edition - Design & Cut Software

VinylMaster Cut (Basic Edition) is dedicated vinyl cutting software designed specifically for making vinyl signage. VinylMaster Cut allows you to produce a wide range of vinyl lettering, pinstriping, and general signage, and comes with a suite of text, curve, and object tools. Take your creative vision from your mind to ready to cut computer image file with an easily customizable and intuitive interface. Fonts are vectorized and ready to cut immediately. Edit images, draw shapes, customize text, modify signs, create logos, and so much more.

Vectorization Tools

VinylMaster Cut software is quite possibly the best vinyl cutting software on the market today. With built in vectorization tools, compatibility with all the major image formats, even low quality jpeg and bitmap images, VinylMaster Cut can quickly and easily turn a broad variety of images into cuttable vector path designs in seconds. Simply use the VinylMaster Cut image trace feature on any image and it will be converted into a plotting file ready to cut or make further edits.

Contour Cutting Wizard

Add registration marks, print, and cut from 1 screen - with helpful prompts from the software wizard.

VinylMaster Cut is equipped to provide precise contour cutting whether your machine works with LAPOS (Laser Positioning Sensor) for manual contour cutting or ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) for automatic contour cutting (Note: TITAN 3 is ARMS Capable). Contour cutting , cutting the outline around a printed image, is perfected with VinylMaster Cut for applications like stickers and custom printed labels. The GUI that VinylMaster Cut offers provides you with diagrams to preview and modify before completing your contour cuts. This preview will even assist you in loading your media into your cutter correctly. VinylMaster Cut has an advanced feature to allow for sensitivity control over your cutters optical eye when using the ARMS feature. This feature ensures that your registration marks can be read when cutting matte, gloss, laminated or even reflective material.

Design and Image Editing Tools

VinylMaster Cut functionality includes text tools, curves, shapes, logos, and more as well as the ability to import from AI, EPS and PDF files easily. In addition to the VinylMaster Cut variety of tools, clipart is also included. With dimension and layout tools, your design will be completed accurately while saving material from being wasted. Editing nodes, customizing and adjusting shapes, and welding and manipulating paths are all easy to use and reliable functions with VinylMaster Cut.

GreenStar Vinyl Starter Pack (12 rolls of 24" x 5 yd GreenStar Intermediate Calendered Vinyl)

GreenStar IPV vinyl is part of an exciting new line of products now available. GreenStar Intermediate Performance Vinyl (IPV) is a 5-year, calendered vinyl, custom formulated for basic sign use. All colors come in a high gloss finish, with black and white also available in a matte finish. GreenStar IPV vinyl is great for general purpose interior/exterior graphics of all types including signs, banners, and window graphics. An excellent vinyl to cut, weed and transfer, GreenStar IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of up to 5 years (3 years for metallic vinyl) and is made in the USA.

This sample pack of twelve 24", 5-yard rolls is just what you need to get started. Colors include:

  • GS010 White
  • GS070 Black
  • GS045 Bubblegum
  • GS020 Sunflower Yellow
  • GS030 Real Red
  • GS068 Green
  • GS065 Sapphire Blue
  • GS036 Orange
  • GS063 Lime-tree Green
  • GS312 Merlot
  • GS090 Silver
  • GS091 Gold

Oracal 631 Starter Pack (12 rolls of 24" x 5 yd Oracal 631 vinyl

The ORACAL 631 24 x 5 Sample Pack contains 12 of the most popular colors in the ORACAL 631 line. ORACAL 631 vinyl is a removable calendared vinyl that is ideal for most indoor applications. It features a lower-tack adhesive that won't damage interior walls during removal. Also has a matte surface which matches interior paint.

You will get twelve 24" by 5yd rolls, 1 roll each of:

  • 010-White
  • 030-Dark Red
  • 041-Pink
  • 045-Soft Pink
  • 050-Dark Blue
  • 056-Ice Blue
  • 060-Dark Green
  • 063-Lime-Tree Green
  • 070-Black
  • 080-Brown
  • 081-Light Brown
  • 082-Beige

The ORACAL Starter Pack is a great way to get set up with one of the most respected brands in the sign vinyl industry.

Note: The recommended application tape for use with Oracal 631 is the Oracal HT55 application tape. Using the Rtape AT60 (or any medium tack application tape) is strongly discouraged as it is not recommended for matte finish materials.

TransferRite Ultra Clear 1310G (Grid) 24" x 10 Yard Medium Tack Application Transfer Tape Sample

TransferRite Application Tape, Ultra Clear TR1310-Medium Tack transfer tape. TransferRite is an established name in the sign-making industry, known for their high-quality premask and application tapes.

Save on time, energy, and frustration with 1310G. This is a medium-tack ultra-clear tape featuring the reliable performance of TransferRite 1310, with the convenience of a 1" preprinted grid pattern not to be found on other application tapes. This alignment assistant is especially helpful to the inexperienced installer for accurately registering layering projects, small lettering, and other fine details, as well as for use as a measuring tool on a vehicle when designing auto wraps.

TransferRite Ultra 592U 24" x 10 Yard High Tack Application Transfer Tape Sample

TransferRite is an established name in the sign-making industry, known for their high-quality premask and application tapes. 592U has a high-tack adhesive and is recommended for use with intermediate or calendered films, and specially intended for projects with smaller letters and graphics.

These tapes have an “Ultra” backing which make them ideal for RTA (Ready-to-Apply) decals because they’ll lay flat and not curl up during storage and shipping of your graphics prior to installation.

USCutter Weeding & Application Starter Toolkit

This kit is full of tools and accessories that are a MUST-HAVE for anyone starting out in the vinyl-cutting industry.

Here's what you will get:

  • A 12in by 100ft roll of GreenStar Classic Application Tape
  • A 6in by 100ft roll of GreenStar Clear Application Tape
  • A 5 pack of application squeegees
  • A 5 pack of Chiz'lers-for vinyl removal as well as application in tight corners
  • An Excel K1 Light Duty Knife with Cap
  • Excel #11 Double Honed Blades w/Dispenser, Carded 15/pkg
  • An 8 oz. bottle of Splash concentrate-makes 1 gallon of application fluid
  • A chemical resistant spray-bottle
  • x2 General Grade Masking Tape - 3/4ins x 60 yard Natural
  • A deluxe rubber edged '3H' squeegee
  • A Deluxe USCutter felt squeegee- for application on uneven surfaces

1 23 1/2" x 35 3/8" Self-Healing Cutting Mat

You'll be quite happy with the quality of these self healing cutting mats and you'll really be thrilled with the PRICE! The best value on the market for double sided, reversible, cutting mats .080 thick too! Available in a variety of sizes to fit your work space. The guide lines on the mat make for easy and accurate cutting.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications