Silhouette Cameo 5

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Powerful Precision Cutting

  • The Silhouette Cameo 5 with all-new updated engineering.
  • Cameo 5 is the fastest, most accurate, and quietest machine in Silhouette's lineup.
  • 100 exclusive designs, and 1-month Silhouette Design Store subscription (available with registration)
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Availability: Ships from warehouse when in stock
Product Overview

Product Overview

Silhouette Cameo 5 - Ultimate Cutting Precision

CAMEO5 offers cutting precision that meets the satisfaction of individuals ranging from entry to advanced creators.

Enhanced User Engagement

Effectively utilize materials with improvements to vinyl use. Increase work efficiency with time-saving features and quiet operation.

Bloom Your Inspiration

Beyond cutting and sketching, creators will have an expanded creative realm with additional tool choices.

Greater Material Diversity

CAMEO5 accommodates a diverse range of materials and various sizes, opening up limitless creative possibilities.

Powered By Patented Intelligent Path Technology

Intelligent Path Technology enables precise cutting of once-unthinkable ultra-thin paper and facilitates multi-layered cuts.

Expanding Loadable Width

Materials that are 5”or slightly larger or smaller than standard sizes can now be accommodated

Powered By Silhouette Studio

Every Silhouette machine employs the robust Silhouette Studio software. Access our vast Silhouette Design Store, import custom fonts and images, or craft designs from scratch. Unleash more capabilities through software upgrades.

Machine features

  • Power tool capability​
  • Auto-cross cutting​ with the AutoBlade
  • New reinforced roll feeder attachment​ (attachable)
  • Quieter operation​
  • Electrostatic mat​ (optional add-on accessory)
  • Adjustable pinch rollers​ with improved grip strength and ability to customize the position
  • Improved registration mark reading​ for Print & Cut jobs
  • Smooth opening lid architecture​
  • Full 12-inch cutting width​
  • Cut up to 16 feet in length
  • Matless cutting capabilities ​
  • 3mm height clearance for thicker materials​
  • Automatic tool detection​
  • Wireless cutting with Bluetooth connectivity​
  • PixScan compatible​
  • Driven by Silhouette Studio giving you limitless design options to customize your projects​
  • Technical Specs
    Technical Specifications
    Spec - Blade Type:
    Spec - OS Compatibility:
    Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10 or later, macOS 12 or later
    Spec - Max Cut Width:
    12in with Cutting Mat, 11.6in when using the Roll Feeder
    Spec - Max Cut Length:
    24in with Cutting Mat, 16ft when using the Roll Feeder
    Spec - Power Requirements:
    Spec - Max Pressure:
    300g (Tool Holder 1), 5kg (Tool Holder 2)