KalaXY Pro 1650 (65") Automatic XY Cutter for Printed, Non-Printed, DTF and Direct to Film Media

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Discover the Precision and Versatility of the KalaXY Pro 1650 (65") Automatic XY Cutter!

  • Automatic Telescope Roll Correction ensures precise cuts every time
  • Electrical Y Blade Adjustment for on-the-fly error correction
  • Production Efficiency enhances overall productivity and accuracy
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Availability: Special Order
KalaXY Pro 1650 (65") Automatic XY Cutter for Printed, Non-Printed, DTF and Direct to Film Media
Product Overview

Product Overview

KalaXY Pro 1650 (65") Automatic XY Cutter for Printed, Non-Printed, DTF and Direct to Film Media

Introducing the KalaXY Pro 1650 (65"), the pinnacle of precision in flexible media cutting. Engineered to handle materials up to 65" in width and 40 mil thick, this top-tier model from KalaXY offers unparalleled versatility for print shops seeking flawless results.

Print shops worldwide trust KalaXY Automatic XY Cutters for their ability to handle a diverse array of films, from photo paper to DTF transfers, vinyl to canvas, and beyond. With the KalaXY Pro 1650, you can effortlessly process materials like polycarbonate, self-adhesive vinyl, duratrans, magnetic sheets, and laminated prints with exceptional accuracy.

Setting itself apart from other models, the KalaXY Pro boasts an automatic telescope roll correction feature. This cutting-edge function seamlessly adjusts the material roll to compensate for any misalignment or telescoping that may occur during printing, ensuring precise cuts every time. For applications demanding impeccable alignment, such as wallpaper or butt-joint installations, the Pro model is the ultimate choice.

Key Features of the KalaXY Pro:

  • Automatic Telescope Roll Correction: Corrects material alignment and telescoping automatically, optimizing cutting precision.
  • Electrical Y Blade Adjustment: Enables on-the-fly correction of errors caused by misalignment in printed material rolls.
  • Production Efficiency: Eliminates bottlenecks associated with cutting flexible media, enhancing overall production efficiency and accuracy.
  • X-Blade Angle Adjustment: Ensures perfect X cuts with every operation.
  • Vertical Slitting Blades: Equipped with single or double vertical slitting blades for added versatility.
  • Work Modes: Offers automatic, manual, and set-length cutting modes to suit various production needs.
  • Easy-to-Use Touch Screen and Operating System: Features a user-friendly interface for seamless control and operation by staff members.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Designed for minimal maintenance requirements, reducing operational expenses.
  • Robust Chassis: Sturdy construction ensures stability during operation, enhancing durability and reliability.


  • Maximum Media Width: 65"
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 60 feet per minute
  • Maximum "Y" Blades: 16 blade holders
  • Maximum Roll Diameter (Parent Roll): 10"
  • Core Diameter: 3" or 2"
  • Y Blade Trimming Accuracy: +/- 0.5mm*
  • Cross-Cutting Accuracy: +/- 1mm*
  • Maximum Medium Thickness: 1mm or 40 mil*
  • Maximum Roll Weight: 110 lbs (Jumbo unwinder required for larger rolls)
  • Power Requirements: 110V / 1200W or 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Power Adapter: Plug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
  • Working Environment: 41°F to 95°F
  • Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 8'7" x 2'5" x 5'
  • Weight: 626 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 9' x 2'8" x 5'
  • Shipping Weight: 882 lbs

*Accuracy may vary depending on the material used.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications