Crush HTV Multiverse Heat Transfer Vinyl 10 Feet 8-Color Sampler

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Product Features

  • New Crush HTV Multiverse heat transfer vinyl doesn’t operate according to the normal laws of this universe
  • Weeds cleaner
  • More versatile, applies faster and at a lower temperature
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Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
Crush HTV Multiverse Heat Transfer Vinyl 10 Feet 8-Color Sampler
Product Overview

Product Overview

Crush HTV Multiverse Heat Transfer Vinyl 10 Feet 8-Color Sampler

Welcome to the Crush HTV Multiverse! New Versatile All-Purpose HTV!

New Crush HTV Multiverse heat transfer vinyl doesn’t operate according to the normal laws of this universe:

  • Applies faster. 5 second application time (2-3x faster than standard PU heat transfer vinyl) and warm peel for ultra-rapid production of custom apparel. As fast as 3 seconds on cotton!
  • More versatile. Sticks to a wide variety of common (and not so common) fabrics, including performance materials: cotton, rayon, silk, Minky Cuddle, stretch velvet, Cordura®, polypropylene, felt, spandex, nylon, and other uncoated/untreated fabrics. See "Pro Tips" section below for guidance on how to get great results using these and other fabrics.
  • Lower Temperature. 248° F low-temp (over 50° cooler than other vinyls) application to avoid heat damage to performance fabrics and save on the electricity bill!
  • Weeds cleaner. Fast, easy weeding on a tacky backer. Pulls up easily without pulling up fine details!
  • 19 colors available to start. Layerable for multi-color designs.

8-Color 8-Sheet Starter Sampler Includes:

10 total feet of:

  • (1x) 12"x24" sheet of White
  • (1x) 12"x24" sheet of Black
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Royal Blue
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Red
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Silver
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Green
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Yellow
  • (1x) 12"x12" sheet of Pink

Why would you want a universal heat transfer vinyl product that works on most fabrics, including heat-sensitive performance materials?

  • Penetrate new markets like athletic and leisureware.
  • Be prepared for any project to walk through those doors!
  • Don't lose a customer to your competition because you are not able to handle their needs.
  • Your best bet for being able to decorate the widest variety of materials.
  • Keep cool this summer with fast low-temp application!

The real question is why wouldn’t you?

Certifications/Child Safety:

CPSIA, REACH, and Öko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I compliant.


  • Fast application (5 sec) PU plotter cut heat seal vinyl on adhesivepolyester backing. Sticks to cotton as fast as 3 seconds!
  • Thin feel and soft hand that blends seamlessly into an array of textiles. Layerable!
  • Multiverse uses a specially formulated adhesive that allows it to adhere to the widest variety of materials.
  • Specifically conceived for polyester-based “technical” fabrics as well as cotton.
  • Low temperature application minimizes undesirable effects such as dye migration, glossiness, fiber damaging and decrease or loss of some of the specific features of the textile.
  • Suitable for cotton, polyester, performance wear, poly/cotton blends, spandex, nylon, Goretex, faux leather, silk, bamboo and more (not suited for treated/coated textiles).
  • High washing resistance
  • Average thickness: 90 microns


  • Mirror cut the material
  • Weed the excess material
  • Place the material on the garment with its polyester backing
  • Cover with a non-stick sheet.
  • Medium pressure (4/5 bar)
  • WARM peel


  • Wait at least 24 hours from application before washing.
  • Washing resistance up to 60°C, best inside-out. (Note: your fabric may have a different wash/dry specification than Multiverse)
  • Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents.
  • Not suitable for dry cleaning
  • Suitable for tumble dry, synthetic program. (Note: your fabric may have a different wash/dry specification than Multiverse).

Recommended USCutter Vinyl Cutter Settings:

  • New 45° blade
  • 70 gf pressure
  • 350 mm/sec speed

USCutter Application Pro Tips:

Testing: Always test on a fabric swatch prior to production.

The challenge with working with performance fabrics is how to avoid scorch marks and the liner edge marks from showing on the garment. With sufficient time, temperature and pressure you can get some vinyls to work on some performance garments, but the more time, temperature and pressure you apply, the chances of seeing non-desirable marks from the edges of the bottom platen or the sticky liner increase significantly.

Here are some techniques that help minimize these issues:

  • Use a vinyl that adheres at the lowest temperature (Multiverse has the lowest application temperature of any vinyl on the market)
  • Use a heat pillow that exceeds the outer edges of the bottom platen so that the heat/pressure falls off slowly as you approach the edges
  • Contour cut the sticky liner to either match the outer edge of your design OR make sure the liner exceeds the edges of the bottom platen
  • Tack the design to the garment, then peel the sticky liner away, cover with a non-stick sheet and press for the remaining time
  • Use a matte non-stick cover sheet to avoid a glossy sheen from appearing on that parts of the garment that were pressed
  • Apply for the shortest possible time based on manufacturer's recommendations

In general, you are trying to avoid a hard edge appearing on the garment by having all non-desirable edges softened or placed outside the edge of the bottom platen. Minimizing the temperature is critically important in keeping many garments from warping or bending in areas outside the design where heat has been applied.

Note: Multiverse will apply to fabrics that stretch (spandex etc.) but is not designed to stretch to the same degree as the stretch fabric.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications