RTape Clear Choice AT60 100 Yard General Purpose Clear Low-Tack Application Tape

$9.99 - $137.99
Condition: New
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Product Features

  • Freedom from Curling and Tunneling
  • Great for wet applications
  • Easy Unwinding
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$9.99 - $137.99
Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
$9.99 - $137.99
RTape Clear Choice AT60 100 Yard General Purpose Clear Low-Tack Application Tape
Product Overview

Product Overview

RTape Clear Choice AT60 - General Purpose Clear Low-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

The Clear Choice for Sign Makers, and Most Cost-Effective Alternative to Paper Tape!

PLEASE NOTE: This application tape is not advised for use with any matte finish vinyl materials. The adhesive is of a lower tack, more suited to gloss-finish films.

Quality R Tape clear application tapes make every job visible and seamless!

Transparent, matte, orange-peel finish polypropylene film with non-yellowing acrylic adhesive system designed for clean pick up of all brands of cast or calendared vinyl. Exceptional clarity provides ultimate see-through when applying graphics. Available in 17 precisely-slit Factory Cut Roll sizes.

Smooth Film AT-60 and new embossed film, tackier AT75 Clear Choice® have been created with specially-formulated film and adhesive combinations plus trouble-free handling to streamline your work!

Combines Our Proven Formula with New Performance Features To Bring You the Next Generation of R Tape Application Tapes for Sign Making!

R Tape's ingenious ApliTape™ products have long been recognized as the leading application tapes in the sign industry. The best just got better with new technical advances incorporated into our product line for cleaner tearing, easier handling, and more!

RTape Application Guide

AT60n AT65 4078RLA/
Tack Low Higher Medium-High Medium-High High
General purpose sign application   AT65 4078RLA 4075RLA
One piece large decals over 24" AT60n     4075RLA  
Textured and etched glass vinyls     4078RLA
Small prespaced CAD lettering below 2"     AT75 4075RLA 4076RLA
Medium prespaced CAD lettering below 12"   AT65 AT75 4075RLA  
Large prespaced CAD lettering below 18" AT60n AT65      
Banners     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Multi-colored overlays AT60n AT65 AT75    
Paint Mask Vinyl     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Wall Graphics     4078RLA
Thermal Die Cuts     AT75    

*Red indicates 1st choice & Blue indicated 2nd choice for application quality.

Precision Registration

AT-60's exceptionally clear facestock enhances precision registration of multiple-color overlays.

Perfectly Aligned Graphics

To prevent misalignment of graphics, Clear Choice® features rigid polypropylene facestocks that greatly minimize stretching.

Freedom from Curling and Tunneling

These no-stretch films lay flatter to help resist curling and tunneling.

Forgiving Handling Characteristics

With a product this forgiving, so what if the adhesive side accidentally touches itself! Clear Choice® films pull apart very easily - with no adhesive delamination.

Works in Wet Applications

AT-60 and AT-75 will not delaminate and leave adhesive in your vinyl during wet apply!

Easy Unwinding

Clear Choice® unwinds effortlessly all the way to the core, putting an end to exhausting application tape struggles.

Prevention of Adhesion Buildup

Adhesive is formulated to prevent buildup of adhesion to vinyl graphics, even if stored for prolonged periods of time.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Shelf Life:
1 Year
Spec - Adhesive: