Paropy CL Dark II Laser Paper

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Product Features

  • Single-step paper with a thin opaque backing
  • For use with dark fabrics and denim
  • Prevents dye migration when applied to polyester fabrics
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$36.99 - $72.99
Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
$36.99 - $72.99
Paropy CL Dark II Laser Paper
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Product Overview

Product Overview

Paropy CL Dark II Laser Paper

Over the last 5 years, the price of laser printers have dropped significantly, making laser transfer papers more popular. Laser printers normally offer a lower toner cost per print than traditional inkjet inks. In addition, laser printers have faster print times than most inkjet printers, reducing production time.

Transfer papers for color laser printers and copiers are the ideal choice for both one of a kind personalization and high volume production. All of our color laser heat transfer papers are manufactured to the highest quality standards for use in commercial production environments.

Paropy CL Dark II paper is for use with dark fabrics and denim. PAROPY CL Dark II is a single-step paper with a thin opaque backing for use in copiers and printers. This paper offers excellent washability and produces a thin, softer transfer.


  • Prevents dye migration when applied to polyester fabrics.
  • Feature - Low temperature application (225°F-255°F).
  • Can be Applied to fabrics that require a low application temperature. Non-Woven Bags, Polyester, etc.
  • Low application temperature prevents scorching or discoloring of fabrics like canvas bags or heat sensitive fabrics.
  • Low application temperature reduces the visibility of pressing lines when imaging 100% Polyester fabrics.

Printer/ Copier Compatibility Test Results

Although testing has been done on the above brands of printers, it is recommended that you do your own testing due to the many different models in the market.

Pro Tip:

Every laser paper is different! Learning how to get consistent results with heat transfer papers can involve a bit of a learning curve. Typically bad results can occur when the amount of toner saturation in your artwork creates a variance where you must peel the print transfer after a specific amount of time, and that can vary from graphic to graphic.
As such, for most users, we recommend Paropy heat transfer papers for short-term use promotional apparel. For printed apparel that will stand up longer in terms of quality and washability, we recommend some of our 2-step papers, as well as color management (rasterization) software tools provided by our UniNet heat transfer equipment and media solution.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Application:
Cotton, Polyester, Poly/ cotton blends
Spec - Download:
Spec - Print Compatibility:
Laser Toner