Video - The No Mess Low Maintenance DTF Printer

This is the Gallery 1390R DTF Printer available at USCutter. This CMYK and White Roll fed DTF printer comes with software compatible with a Windows 10 or 11 computer. 

It connects to your computer using a standard USB printer cable and power the printer by plugging it into any 3 pronged wall outlet. What sets the Gallery 1390R DTF printer apart from others in it’s class is how easy to use and low maintenance it is. 

Filling the machine with inks or priming the machine for your first print of the day is an easy and syringe free process thanks to the 1390’s Ink Priming button found on the side. Pressing in the button will pull the ink from each tank through the ink lines, printhead and then eventually down into the waste ink tank for a clean and easy setup and start every time. 

Just leaving the machine powered on while not in use is all you need to do if you have some down or away time from the printer. The Gallery 1390 R DTF printer comes equipped with additional motors to stir the white ink tank and cycle the ink inside the lines and will perform a cleaning on itself every 12 hours after the last print. Also included with the printer is a full license of the Gallery DTF Rip software. 

This software for Windows 10 and 11 is easy to use and comes with a lot of additional features and plugins allowing you to distress the image, add or remove colors, and make many other design changes directly inside the software!

You are also set up for success when you order you Galaxy 1390 R DTF printer from USCutter. The included Gallery 13 inch wide cold peel DTF film, Gallery Inks, and Gallery DTF powder are high quality materials and will allow you to work in higher humidity environments when compared to brands. I can attest to this personally as someone who lives in an area with lots of humidity. All of the examples shown in this video were made in 58% humidity manually applying application powder and curing using the heat press hover method.