How to Cut DTF Film

This is the 24-in rotary trimmer tool, available at USCutter.  While it's common for these types of machines to cut items like office papers and other classroom materials well, these heavy duty rotary cutters are made from metal and also great for sheeting heat transfer vinyl, cutting DTF film and all types of other printed materials.  

Just like the name says, it does have a maximum cutting width of 24 in but has a maximum cutting thickness of 2 mm. You only need to slide the material underneath the cutting guard and then line everything up using the measured printed grid that's located on the front of the trimmer.  

You can cut materials by sliding the rotary blade in either direction and it also comes with an extra blade that can easily be changed by just removing the two hex screws on one side to gain full access to the blade holder and then by disassembling the rotary blade holder by just removing the pin.  You'll want to grab the included tool and a pair of pliers and this will allow you to actually change the blade out of the blade holder.  

Combine this with the USCutter application roller as shown here and you can create yourself a nice little station for sheeting and trimming materials and prints.  

When it comes to maintenance and upkeep on the rotary cutter, you only need to keep the track free of any debris and apply a little lubrication every once in a while for best results.  If you have any other questions about this rotary cutter or any of our other products that USCutter offers please contact us.