MH200-34 (871mm) 34" ARMS Contour Capable Vinyl Cutter with Starter Bundle

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Contour Cutting with Intuitive Design

  • Fully automatic contour cut capability enables easy creation of various printed labels or stickers.
  • Solid metal chassis ensures durability for heavy production environments.
  • User interface designed for simplicity and consistency across the MH Series, facilitating easy operation even for first-time users.
  • Includes free access to online training course to ensure your success.
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MH200-34 (871mm) 34" ARMS Contour Capable Vinyl Cutter with Starter Bundle
Product Overview

Product Overview

MH200-34 (871mm) 34 ARMS Contour Capable Vinyl Cutter with Starter Bundle

Stickers Without The Sticker Shock

The MH200 supports fully automatic contour cut (print & cut) capability, allowing you to create a wide variety of printed labels or stickers with ease. Add registration marks to your printed rolls and the MH200 will easily cut out designs of any shape. (note that the MH200 is a cutter and does not itself have print capability.)

Although designed to take up minimal footprint, the MH200 is built for reliable, solid performance in a heavy production environment. Stickers, labels, adhesive vinyl for signs, HTV for garments, stencils, paper, card stock and more are no problem for the MH200.

Offered in media feed widths from 28 inches up to 65 inches, the MH200 comes in sizes that will appeal to both table top crafters and large production environments.

The User Interface of the cutter has been designed for ultimate ease of use. The intuitive, minimalist buttons and logical menu flow offer a first-time user the fastest path to success with their first cut. This simple UI is common across the entire x-double-oh model line, so knowing one model makes you immediately familiar with the entire MH Series.

Do not let the sleek design of the MH200 fool you - the solid metal chassis of the entire MH200 Series means that all models are built for durability in a production environment.

The precision stepper motor can cut block lettering as small as 2mm. The wide media feed with lets you cut huge wall signs. Whatever the size, MH200 can meet your needs.

The MH200 can process roll-fed substrates that come with a backer as well as other substrates placed on a carrier sheet to act as a backer.

Whether your objective is exploring the first steps of sticker cutting with the tabletop MH200-28 ((721mm/28inch) model or supersizing your efforts with the full size MH200-65 (1660mm/65inch) model, the MH200 is built to provide maximum value and performance in a sleek, modern design.

Whats included:

  • MH200 Vinyl Cutter
  • VinylMaster Cut Software
  • Starter Bundle includes: 6 rolls of vinyl (15" x 1yd each), Clear Transfer Tape (15" x 2 yards), Weeding Tool Kit
  • Basic Stand
  • Catch Basket Included with 28" - 65" models only
  • 1 Blade holder and 3 blades included
  • Pen adapter (use to plot instead of cut)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FREE Lifetime phone support and online support site

Included VinylMaster Cut Software Operating System Requirements

Minimum Computer Configuration

  • Intel Quad-Core+ (32/64Bit)
  • 10Gb+ of available Hard Disk Drive space
  • 8Gb+ RAM • DVD Read/Write Drive
  • 24”+ Color monitor (1920 Pixels+ Wide)
  • 2Gb+ Video/Graphics card
  • 2 Button Scrolling Wheel Mouse
  • Sound & Speakers
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10 or 11 Home (64bit)

Recommended Computer Configuration

  • Intel/AMD 3Ghz+ CPU
  • 50Gb+ of available Hard Disk Drive space
  • 32Gb+ of RAM
  • 24”+ HD Color monitor (1920 Pixels+ Wide) x 2
  • 8Gb+ Video/Graphics card
  • 2 Button Scrolling Wheel Mouse
  • MH Series: Includes free access to online training course to ensure your success.
  • Sound & Speakers
  • Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (64Bit)
Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Spec - Motor Type:
Spec - Contour Cutting:
Spec - Blade Type:
Roland Compatible
Spec - OS Compatibility:
Windows 10/11
Spec - Max Cut Width:
Spec - Max Feed Width:
Spec - Power Requirements:
Spec - Max Pressure:
Spec - Dimensions:
41.7in x 17.7in x 38.1in
Spec - Download:
Spec - Support Download: