GreenStar 20 Color 12"x12" Sheets Indoor Vinyl Bundle - Matte Removable Wall Vinyl

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Product Features

  • Easy to remove pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Matte colors for low glare interior applications
  • A sample of all 20 available colors
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Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued

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GreenStar 20 Color 12"x12" Sheets Indoor Vinyl Bundle - Matte Removable Wall Vinyl
Product Overview

Product Overview

GreenStar 20 Sheets Indoor Vinyl Bundle - Assorted Colors, Matte Removable 12"x12"

GreenStar Matte Wall Vinyl is a flexible calendered film with an easy to remove pressure sensitive adhesive which has been specifically formulated for indoor applications, but can be use outdoors as well. This vinyl can be removed for up to 3 years from painted interior walls without damaging the paint or leaving any adhesive behind. GreenStar Matte Wall Vinyl has a matte finish which prevents glare from direct lighting indoors and comes in 20 different colors. Though this material is made for indoor application it can also be applied outdoors for up to one year before showing any signs of weathering. This material is commonly used in a broad variety of applications such as home decor graphics, point-of-purchase graphics, architectural signage, decals, monograms, and wall art. Made in USA!

GreenStar Wall Decal Viny

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This bundle includes the following 20 different colors of 12" by 12" sheets:

  • 501 - White
  • 502 - Black
  • 505 - Gray
  • 506 - Midnight Blue
  • 513 - Ocean Blue
  • 515 - Sky Blue
  • 517 - Forest Green
  • 519 - Green
  • 521 - Lime Green
  • 524 - Daffodil Yellow
  • 530 - Brown
  • 531 - Beige
  • 536 - Cranberry
  • 537 - Cherry Red
  • 540 - Hot Pink
  • 541 - Pink
  • 544 - Orange
  • 548 - Plum
  • 550 - Gold
  • 551 - Silver

Please Note: **In rare circumstances of limited inventory, some of the colors stated here may be substituted with other similar or duplicate colors in order to ship your full order on time.

New Blue Liner

Gone are the days of not being able to tell where your white vinyl ends and the backer begins. Weeding white vinyl is easier than ever thanks to the new blue liner of the GreenStar Matte Wall Vinyl.

If you've never installed wall vinyl before, take a moment to download and read this document.

GreenStar Wall Vinyl Application Sheet

The recommended application tape for use with GreenStar Indoor Vinyl is GreenStar Classic medium tack application tape.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
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