Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF - Annual Subscription

Condition: New
Availability: Special Order - Digital

The All New Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF Software is here!

  • Direct to Garment and Direct to Film Design and Production
  • The trusted name in Sign Industry design and print software
  • Transparency options for easy White ink under printing
  • The Annual Subscription is the biggest savings
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Condition: New
Availability: Special Order - Digital
Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF - Annual Subscription
Product Overview

Product Overview

Introducing The All New Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF Software

Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF is a production powerhouse providing both time and ink-saving features that will drive up profits for your business. Simplify DTG and DTF design and production. Tools are conveniently organized under one tab, so you won’t waste time scrolling through menu bars to find what you need. Transparency mask options make printing white under flood easier than ever, including for transparent TIFF and PNG files.

All the tools you need for Design, Job Setup, and Print Output

Easy to Use Interface: All DTG | DTF tools are conveniently organized under one easy-to-find tab. User-friendly dialog boxes allow you to quickly make changes to your artwork files. With Flexi, you spend less time preparing jobs and more time printing.

Versatile White Ink Workflow: White ink is an integral part of DTG | DTF printing but can be tricky to figure out. Flexi gives you best-in-class workflow options for generating white layers quickly and easily. Whether you’re working with files that have transparent backgrounds or artwork that contains no white at all, Flexi gives you the tools to create transparencies, add masks, and assign white output channels with just a few clicks.

Improved Output Control: Everyone loves graphic tees, but no one wants a stiff, heavy print on their shirt. Give large prints a softer feel by using Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF to “Remove Data in Texture Patterns”. This feature intuitively deposits less ink in a pattern while maintaining a high-quality print, giving your prints a softer texture.

Material Saving Technology: Ink and media are expensive, Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF helps make certain your job is set up correctly before you print, saving you ink and media. Preview each output channel within the Production Manager interface to see how the white layer will print and adjust the white ink density using a simple slider.

Key Features for Flexi PRINT DTG | DTF Subscriptions

  • ​Full suite of Flexi design, print and cut features
  • SAi subscriptions feature free phone and email support, and ongoing automatic updates so you never fall behind.
  • Fast and powerful 64 bit RIP engine
  • Drives up to 5 printers and cutters simultaneously
  • Includes all full Flexi features such as spot color mapping, true-shape nesting and banner finishing
  • Find My Font tool detects best matched fonts in images within seconds
  • Artwork Approval tool for instant customer approval
  • Term Licenses (1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year)
  • Support through ECourses, Live Virtual Training, Onsite Training, and the Flexi Community (schedule training on
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Technical Specifications
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