Make Money With Oracal 651 Vinyl

Make Money With Oracal 651 Vinyl

Turn Your Vinyl Hobby into a Money-Making Machine

Oracal 651 vinyl has become one of the most popular materials for crafters, DIYers, and sign makers. This special vinyl has a sticky back that sticks well to many different surfaces for a long time. Oracal 651 is popular for being strong and flexible, used by both amateurs and experts.

This specialty vinyl features a permanent adhesive backing that creates a strong, long-lasting bond on a variety of surfaces. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, withstanding exposure to weather elements and UV rays. Oracal 651 comes in a wide assortment of colors and finishes like gloss, matte, metallic, and more.

Oracal 651

ne of the key advantages of Oracal 651 is its compatibility with electronic cutting machines. Users can design custom decals, lettering, and graphics on their computer and then have their cutting machine precisely cut out the vinyl. Weeding and application are also easy with the right tools like transfer tape and squeegees.

With the right techniques, Oracal 651 opens countless creative possibilities for DIY projects, promotional signage, vehicle wraps, window decals, and beyond. Its popularity stems from its reliable adhesive and ability to meet the needs of everyone from crafters working on a budget to sign shop pros taking on major graphics projects.

Understanding Oracal 651

Oracal 651 is one of the most popular permanent adhesive vinyls on the market today. Manufactured in Germany by ORAFOL, a leading maker of graphic films.

Oracal 651 has several key properties that make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Permanent Adhesive - The vinyl has an extremely adhesive backing that creates a permanent bond on most surfaces. This allows projects to last 5+ years outdoors without lifting or peeling.
  • Durability - Formulated with calendared PVC, Oracal 651 is highly conformable yet thick enough to resist tears, abrasions, and impacts. It can withstand exposure to weather elements and UV rays over long periods.
  • Broad Color Range - Available in over 100 striking matte, gloss, glitter, reflective, and printable colors. This extensive palette allows limitless design options.
  • Dimensional Stability - The vinyl film retains its shape even when stretched over complex contours and 3D surfaces. This prevents damage during application.

Unlike lower-cost economy grade vinyl’s, Oracal 651 is specially engineered for demanding signage, lettering, and graphics uses. Its combination of adhesive strength, thickness, and durability exceeds cheaper alternatives like Oracle 631. Preferable to printable vinyl’s like Oracal with less tack and permanence. For long-lasting, professional-quality results on virtually any project, Oracal 651 is the go-to choice.

Diverse Uses of Oracal 651

Oracal 651 vinyl is an extremely versatile material that can be used for a wide variety of projects. Below are some of the most popular uses:


One of the most common uses of Oracal 651 is for signage. Its durability makes it perfect for creating indoor and outdoor business signs, banners, lettering, and more. Whether you need a sign for your storefront, office, or event, Oracal 651 is an excellent option. The vibrant colors stand out and make your signs eye-catching and professional.


Car Decals

Custom car decals have become a popular way to customize vehicles. Oracal 651 is the go-to choice of many auto enthusiasts for creating unique decals. The vinyl's ability to stick to curved and irregular surfaces makes it ideal for applying graphics onto cars, trucks, boats, and more. From racing stripes to custom logos, Oracal 651 brings your automotive vision to life.

Home Decor

Bring personalized style into any living space with Oracal 651 vinyl. Wall art, murals, monograms, and more can easily transform a home's aesthetics. Beyond walls, the vinyl can be used to customize furniture, decor pieces, and appliances. As an indoor and outdoor material, it offers limitless possibilities for DIY home projects.


For crafters and DIYers, Oracal 651 opens a world of opportunities. Personalize tumblers, mugs, laptops, phone cases and more. Vinyl decals are also extremely popular for scrapbooking. Oracal 651 works on virtually any smooth surface, so crafters can customize projects with their unique creative touch.

The versatility of Oracal 651 vinyl makes it useful for sign makers, auto enthusiasts, home decorators, crafters, and anyone needing premium custom graphics. With options like glossy, matte, transparent, and more, it meets specialty needs for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Getting Started with Oracal 651

Getting started with Oracal 651 vinyl requires having the right tools and supplies on hand. Here are some of the key items needed:

Cutting Machines

Investing in a good electronic cutting machine opens a world of possibilities for working with Oracal 651. These allow you to easily cut text, shapes, and detailed designs from Oracal 651 vinyl.

Vinyl cutter bundle

Transfer Tape

Also called application tape, transfer tape is used to transfer vinyl designs from the backing sheet to the final surface. Opt for transfer tapes designed for permanent vinyl like Oracal 651. Use wider tape rolls for larger projects.


squeegee helps apply vinyl smoothly and remove air bubbles or creases. A felt squeegee is a good choice as it won't scratch the vinyl surface during application.

Application Fluid

Application fluids reduce friction when applying vinyl designs. They allow the vinyl to slide into place smoothly. Application fluid is especially useful for larger projects.

Cutting Mats

Self-healing cutting mats provide an ideal surface for cutting vinyl sheets. They protect your work table and help produce clean cuts.

Weeding Tools

Weeding tools like pick tools help remove excess vinyl pieces after cutting a design. Invest in quality weeding tools with fine tips.

First-Time Tips

When starting with Oracal 651, follow these tips:

  • Work slowly and methodically when applying vinyl. Take time to align pieces and use a squeegee properly.
  • Perform test cuts on scrap vinyl when using a new machine or blade. Adjust settings to ensure clean cuts.
  • Begin with simpler designs before moving to more intricate or layered projects.
  • Use transfer tape on all projects except small, individual vinyl pieces.
  • Store unused Oracal 651 properly to prevent the adhesive drying out.

With the right supplies and some practice, Oracal 651 opens endless creative possibilities for DIY signage, decor, and more!

Making Money with Oracal 651

Oracal 651 offers exciting opportunities to turn your vinyl crafting hobby into a profitable business venture. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money with Oracal 651 vinyl:

Starting a Custom Decal Business

One of the most direct ways to generate income with Oracal 651 is to start your own custom decal business. You can offer personalized decals for cars, windows, laptops, phones, and other smooth surfaces. Market your services to local businesses to create branded decals for their storefronts and company vehicles. Attend events and fairs to find individual customers looking to decorate their personal items.

Selling Home Décor Items

Use your cutting machine and Oracal 651 vinyl to create unique home decor products like wall art, coasters, frames, vases, and more. Set up an online store on platforms like Etsy or build your own ecommerce website to sell these handmade items globally. You can also rent booths at craft fairs and markets to sell your products in-person.

Offering Custom Sign Services

Leverage the durability of Oracal 651 to provide custom sign-making services. Offer to create signs for weddings, birthdays, special events, businesses, and more. Make real estate signs, directional event signs, banners, menu boards, window lettering, and any other signage needs your local community may have.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is key to turning your Oracal 651 hobby into a money-making venture. Here are some effective strategies for promoting your vinyl projects and establishing your crafting business:

Social Media Promotion

Leverage platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to showcase your Oracal vinyl creations. Post high-quality photos, behind-the-scenes content, and videos to engage followers and get your work seen. Use relevant hashtags like #oracalvinyl, #cricutmade, and #diyhomedecor to reach interested audiences. Run targeted ads to find new customers.

Online Stores

Setting up an Etsy or Shopify store allows you to sell your customized Oracal 651 projects while building your own brand. Professional product listings with detailed descriptions, specs, and images will attract buyers browsing for wall art, decals, and other homemade items. Promote your store through social media and collaborations.

Showcasing Projects

Applying your Oracal vinyl skills to items like car decals, store signage, and furniture can serve as impressive marketing. Ask satisfied customers to display and share photos of your work. Attend local craft fairs and maker events to showcase products. Consider offering free custom samples to businesses to secure future paid orders.

Getting your designs, crafts, and services in front of the right audiences is essential for generating interest in your Oracal 651-based business. A strategic marketing plan will help you profit from your unique projects.

Best Practices for Success with Oracal 651

To get the most out of Oracal 651 vinyl, follow these best practices:

Quality Checks Before Application

  • Inspect the vinyl after cutting for any tears, incomplete cuts, or other issues. Re-cut if needed.
  • Weed carefully by removing the excess vinyl, leaving only the desired design on the transfer tape. Go slowly and check for small pieces.
  • Do test placements before final application. This will reveal any alignment issues.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly and use application fluid or tape primer for maximum adhesion.

Application Techniques

  • Work in small sections, applying vinyl and using a squeegee for even contact.
  • For curves, stretch the vinyl gently and apply at an angle around the curve.
  • Use heat for better adhesion on irregular surfaces like wood grain and textured walls.
  • Avoid overstretching or heating too much, as this can distort the vinyl.

Maintenance After Application

  • Give newly applied vinyl 24 hours to fully adhere before cleaning.
  • Use mild, vinyl-safe cleaners and avoid abrasive scrubbing.
  • For outdoor vinyl, periodically inspect for lifting edges or other signs of wear. Reapply as needed.

Continuously Improving Your Skills

  • Stay up to date on emerging vinyl tools and materials for cutting and application.
  • Learn new techniques by taking classes, watching tutorials, and connecting with other creators.
  • Experiment with complex shapes, specialty vinyls, layering colors, and more.
  • Attend trade shows and conferences to see the newest technology and techniques firsthand.

Following best practices ensures your Oracal 651 vinyl projects meet high standards for quality and longevity. Continuously building your skills opens new creative possibilities.

Industry Trends

Staying ahead of trends and expanding your skills is key to succeeding with Oracal 651. Here are some tips:

  • Follow vinyl crafting influencers on social media - This allows you to see the latest projects and techniques using products like Oracal 651. You can discover new applications and style ideas by studying their work.
  • Attend trade shows and conferences - These events allow you to connect with other makers, see new product releases, and learn the latest skills. Consider events like the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association trade show.
  • Learn from online tutorials and courses - A wide variety of free and paid online education exists for vinyl crafting. Take advantage of video tutorials, downloadable guides, virtual conferences, and more.
  • Experiment with new materials - Don't limit yourself to just Oracal 651. Trying new vinyl products helps you offer more options to customers. Test materials like printable vinyl, reflective vinyl, and more.
  • Practice, practice, practice - As with any skill, you can only improve through hands-on repetition. Continuously try new Oracal 651 techniques to expand your abilities.

Staying up-to-date and constantly expanding your knowledge is essential for fully leveraging Oracal 651's potential. Make learning a lifelong habit.

Building a Brand

Branding is crucial for standing out and attracting loyal customers in the vinyl crafting space. Here are some tips:

Create a Brand Identity

  • Choose a business name that reflects your style and niche. Short and memorable names work best.
  • Design a logo that will be distinctive and recognizable. Canva provides easy DIY logo design.
  • Pick cohesive colors, fonts, and visual elements to develop your brand identity across platforms.
  • Write an inspirational brand story that connects emotionally with your audience. Share it on your website and profiles.
  • Develop branded social media assets like profile pictures, headers, and posts templates for a consistent look.

Build a Customer Base

  • Offer promotions and limited deals to get early followers. Giveaways and product sampling also help.
  • Engage actively with your audience by responding to comments and questions.
  • Share your creative process and behind-the-scenes on social media to build relationships.
  • Collect testimonials and reviews to establish trust and credibility. Showcase them online.
  • Reward loyal customers with referral programs, exclusive deals, and early access to new products.
  • Analyze data to understand your customers better. Tailor offerings and messaging accordingly.

With a thoughtful branding strategy and customer-focused approach, you can build a recognizable identity and dedicated following in the vinyl crafting community.


Oracal 651 vinyl has demonstrated its vast potential, both creatively and financially. With its durability, versatility, and compatibility with various tools, this material provides possibilities limited only by imagination.

Whether you are looking to elevate a hobby or build a business, Oracal 651 enables you to unlock your skills. The range of applications, from signage to home decor, offers something for enthusiasts of all levels. With the right techniques, even first-time users can achieve professional-grade results.

We hope this guide has inspired you to explore the many uses of Oracal 651 vinyl. Let your creativity run wild and see where this remarkable material takes you. The potential profits and personal fulfillment are yours for the taking. Oracal 651 is ready to help you turn your passion into a prosperous venture.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Now is the time to acquire your first Oracal 651 vinyl roll and start bringing your ideas to life. Share your creations with the community and continue growing your abilities. The only limit is your imagination - so let it soar.