24" Greenstar High Bake Paint Mask Stencil

$1.39 - $149.99
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued

Product Features

  • Versatile use for a wide variety of surfaces
  • Works for High bake temperature applications up to 203.�F
  • Applies well to unfinished wood, cotton, glass etching, metal and more
Full Details
$1.39 - $149.99
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
$1.39 - $149.99
24" Greenstar High Bake Paint Mask Stencil
Product Overview

Product Overview

Greenstar High Bake Paint Mask Stencil

Common Applications

  • Wooden Sign Stencils
  • High bake Paint custom camo and other designs on firearms, car parts, metal tumblers, and more
  • Glass etching for mugs and drinkware, windows, or mirrors
  • Screens for silk screen printing
  • Stencil for fabric paint for cotton t-shirt decorations
  • Sign Stencils

Greenstar High Performance Paint Mask Stencil is a highly versatile self-adhesive film. It is ideal for a number of wide ranging applications from wooden signs, t-shirts, etching, and customizing designs on car parts, firearms, tumblers and other high temperature resistant based applications. Excellent for applications on smooth, flat, and even curved surfaces! Designed for the manufacturing and industrial decorative industries. The Greenstar High Performance Paint Mask is a flexible calendered vinyl stencil which features a clear removable acrylic adhesive. Cleanly removes from most surfaces leaving no residual residue. It is recommended to remove promptly after painting and curing cycles. Greenstar High Performance Paint Mask can be used for high temperature bake cycles up to 203.�F.


  • Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance
  • Easy cutting and weeding for crisp paint lines
  • Clear removable acrylic adhesive for clean removal when used with most paint cycles

Storing Information:

For best results, the material must be stored at temperatures between 59�F - 77�F. It is recommended to store in a location with a relative air humidity of 50-60%. To avoid surface area issues from appearing on the roll surface it is recommended to store the material in a vertical standing position or on an appropriate rack system.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
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Acrylic Adhesive
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