Canon LBP622Cdw Laser Printer with Absolute White Toner Cartridge

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Product Features

  • Print white graphics onto any dark-colored substrate.
  • Print directly to any colored paper stock suitable for laser printing.
  • Print and Transfer to apparel or hard surfaces.
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Canon LBP622Cdw Laser Printer with Absolute White Toner Cartridge
Product Overview

Product Overview

Canon LBP622CDW Color Printer with Absolute White Toner Bundle

A home printing solution for printing crisp and striking solid white designs onto any colored or dark-colored paper stock, textiles and hard surface substrates with a snap of your fingers.

You have a hobby, and that is creating bold, beautiful things. It could be anything, an inviting dark colored pillow or a sleek black t-shirt with your very own statement in white print. But, you are not quite ready to jump into a high-end IColor printer just yet. So, you look at your esteemed home printer and wish it could print your dreams in white.

Printers with white toner (also known as CMYW printers) have been introduced recently, but the prices have been many times the cost of sublimation printing solutions. It's too much of an investment for many small providers of smaller garment creation businesses and promotional product providers.

Tip: When printing transfers, be sure to increase your toner saturation to the maximum levels for best results and pay close attention to each paper's required media settings.

How white toner works

Just remove the black toner cartridge from your Canon LBP622CDW printer, replace it with an Absolute White Toner cartridge and you are good to go. It doesn’t take a wizard to effortlessly print white graphics onto any dark-colored substrate, textile or hard surface products with Absolute White Toner.

New sales opportunities in promotional items

Say you are printing a superb white graphic on a textile surface. That is exactly when you want to make sure that white is as white as it can possibly be. Then, make sure you get your hands on IColor two-step Standard or Select Transfer Paper. Same goes for hard surface products. If you want immaculate white, then you want to get IColor one-step Premium Hard Surface Transfer Paper. If you are working on print stationery applications, you can print directly to any colored paper stock suitable for laser printing.

Works great on stationery too!

In addition to customized garments and promotional items, you can also offer your customer items like business cards, counter cards and invitations with a unique look by printing white on colored or black stationaries, adding yet another unique service to your business at a price that your customers will find attractive and that your competitors won’t be able to match.

Canon + Absolute White is a printing system that delivers the look of a premium product at a sublimation prices. This is a unique product that will bring you new business at the price of traditional sublimation.

Tip: When printing directly onto dark substrates, increase the toner saturation for brighter and more vibrant white.

Tip: When printing on stationery, adjust for the correct media print settings.

What's included in this Laser Toner Printer White Toner Solution?

The Printer: Canon LBP622Cdw Laser Printer

  • Print only, wireless
  • Print Speed: Up to 22 ppm (black and color)
  • Automatic Double Sided Printing; 250 sheet paper capacity;
  • Resolution Up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Mac compatible

White Toner: Absolute White Cartridge for Decoration of Dark Garments, Mugs, Paper, and More!

CMYK Toner: Standard Canon Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colored toner cartridges for all applications.

You can print brilliant and sharp white designs on colored, black and even transparent paper. You can transfer white toner to other materials such as glass, wood and ceramics, just to mention a few. Or print on fabrics and create unique high-quality shirts and other garments.

Note: Once toner cartridges are installed, printers cannot be returned to USCutter.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
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