RTape ApliTape 4075 100 Yard Medium-High General Purpose Application Tape

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$5.99 - $214.99
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Product Features

  • Clean tearing
  • Great for wet applications
  • Pulls apart with no delamination
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$5.99 - $214.99
Condition: New
Availability: Ships from warehouse
$5.99 - $214.99
RTape ApliTape 4075 100 Yard Medium-High General Purpose Application Tape
Product Overview

Product Overview

RTape ApliTape 4075 - Medium-High General Purpose Application Tape - 100yd

NOTICE:The manufacturer RTape considers 4075 to be a High-Tack tape but after customer feedback, we consider 4075 to be a “medium” tack application tape.

Combines Our Proven Formula with New Performance Features To Bring You the Next Generation of R Tape Application Tapes for Sign Making!

R Tape's ingenious ApliTapeâ„¢ products have long been recognized as the leading application tapes in the sign industry. The best just got better with new technical advances incorporated into our product line for cleaner tearing, easier handling, and more!

RTape Application Guide

AT60n AT65 4078RLA/
Tack Low Medium Medium-High Medium-High High
General purpose sign application   AT65 4078RLA 4075RLA
One piece large decals over 24" AT60n     4075RLA  
Textured and etched glass vinyls     4078RLA
Small prespaced CAD lettering below 2"     AT75 4075RLA 4076RLA
Medium prespaced CAD lettering below 12"   AT65 AT75 4075RLA  
Large prespaced CAD lettering below 18" AT60n AT65      
Banners     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Multi-colored overlays AT60n AT65 AT75    
Paint Mask Vinyl     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Wall Graphics     4078RLA
Thermal Die Cuts     AT75    

*Red indicates 1st choice & Blue indicated 2nd choice for application quality.

No Mess, No Hassle

Clean-tearing tapes with transfer power is yours, so say goodbye to annoying stringy, legging adhesive as well as adhesive transfer to vinyl!

Forgiving Adhesive

If the adhesive side accidentally folds onto itself, the tapes pull apart easily with no delamination.

"Quick Stick" and True-Tack Lifting Performance

A variety of tack levels are available to lift and transfer any size graphic, even when transferring problematic vinyls.

Works Great in Wet Applications

Improved wet method performance holds up longer. What's more, well-anchored adhesive stays on the tape, not your vinyl... eliminating time-consuming cleanup.

Comprehensive Product Line

Choose from low to extra high tack levels, standard or premium weight paper tapes, or clear film tapes.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications