Flexi Monthly Subscription

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Product Features

  • Fast one-solution workflow
  • Robust toolset that is optimized for Sign & Print Shops
  • As low as $64.99/month with 12 month commitment
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Condition: New
Availability: Special Order
Flexi Monthly Subscription
Product Overview

Product Overview

SAi FlexiSign adds a new dimension to the feature-rich attributes of SAi’s leading sign making software, Flexi, which provides easy text layout and vinyl cutting packages that offer high production capabilities with cutting and printing tools.

Easily accessible via a Cloud Web Window that sits on a user’s desktop display, SAi FlexiSign has been introduced to meet the changing needs of sign providers.

New Features for Flexi 22

  • NEW - Contour Cut Path Creation in Production Manager
  • NEW - Prints Reorder
  • NEW - Adding Jobs or Tiles to a Nested Group
  • NEW - Transparent Mask as White Under Flood including .TIFF & .PNG Files
  • NEW- Transparent Backgrounds
  • NEW- Kongsberg File Support
  • NEW - Choke Only RIP Generated Under White Data
  • IMPROVED - Import Presets to RIP and Print for FlexiDESIGN
  • NEW- Thumbnail Job & Tile Preview in Production Manager Queue

Full-Featured Vinyl Cutting

All Flexi vinyl cutting features

Complete sign designer

  • Draw tools
  • Text Tools
  • Object Tools
  • Auto Vectorization
  • Supports over 1,000 vinyl cutters


See a list of all new features here

Nest Contour Cut Jobs Added to Production Manager:

When creating graphics that will be contour cut, Flexi will automatically shift the graphics around to make sure it maximizes the number of items that can be printed on the media. For big sign-shops, that could amount to easily hundreds, and probably thousands, of dollars in saved media cost and also improves print throughput.

Now that you can add contour jobs to Production Manager, never again struggle with outputting contour cut jobs on a virtual hybrid setup, contour cut jobs designed in 3rd party applications, or files that already include contour cut lines. Automatically rotates and nests by actual shape. Send to Flexi or other RIP software.


Flexi Nest
Nest contour jobs in Production Manager for the most efficient use of your device and media.

Job Approval Tool:

Save time and get designs approved quicker. Browser-based review and mark-up. Automatically tracks projects and revisions.

Flexi Approval
Save time and track customer sign-offs with new web-based Job Approval Tool.

Flexi Mobile:

The SAi Cloud mobile app gives you on-the-go access to the recent job list, production information and job trends using your iPhone and Android mobile devices. Sales folks in the field will instantly be able to answer their customers on print status, and shop managers will be able to monitor their equipment to make sure that unauthorized runs aren't happening.

Flexi Mobile
Remotely monitor jobs from the mobile app.

Send Thumbnail to SignTracker:

Embrace a smooth and productive workflow by sending a thumbnail of your job directly to SignTracker without ever leaving Flexi.

Ink Estimation:

Even the most seasoned print shops will find that Flexi’s Ink Estimation feature is an incredibly useful tool that helps calculate the true cost of any print job. Gain a better understanding of your production to make more informed decisions about upcoming expenses, incoming jobs and daily workflow with the Ink Estimation tool.

Smooth Shadow:

Add softer and smoother shadows to your text or objects with the new advanced shadow feature.

Bad Wrap Support:

Design your Bad Wrap™ vehicle wraps right in Flexi! Flexi now supports designing in layers for full-sized Bad Wrap templates.

Add Jobs with Multiple Contour Cut Paths to Production Manager:

Take advantage of Flexi’s Multiple Contour Paths feature, even while designing in 3rd party applications. Now you can add a job directly to Production Manager and specify a different action for each contour. This new streamlined method of adding jobs will simplify your workflow and boost productivity.

Link PDF:

Retain a PDF’s objects, effects and color properties as originally designed, while keeping the ability to create contour paths and add objects and text.

Color Nesting:

When a vinyl job calls for more than one color, Flexi will nest each color separately to maximize media savings and minimize production time.

Add and Move Split Lines:

Add or adjust split lines exactly where you need them for easy and effortless weeding.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
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